Pre-Requisite Training | Classroom Training | Scrubs 

Pre-Requisite Training

Our training program takes place in three stages. 


Stage I: Prerequisite Training

Stage II: Classroom Training

Stage III: Clinical Training


Before candidates can begin Stage II: Classroom Training, each candidate will need to complete Prerequisite Training and have a complete and comprehensive understanding of the HealthScribe Medical Scribe Prerequisite Material. 

Candidates WILL NOT move forward into Classroom Training without an understanding of this material, no exceptions or extensions will be granted. It is HIGHLY recommended you begin studying this material and have a thorough understanding to ensure a smooth placement and training timeline.

      Medical Scribe Pre-requisite Training Material

                  Please download the attachment and enroll in Quizlet to start your training! 

Classroom Training

Classroom Training is currently scheduled for 2019 is TBD. We will be providing additional alternative training dates for candidates who cannot make everyday of training. The final schedule will be sent out after it is finalized. 



Dress Code:

Please dress in business casual. No denim, sandals or flip flops. Scrubs will be provided after classroom training. 

Things to Bring: 

  • Laptops

  • Notebook

  • Snack/Lunch/Water

Training Expectations:

You will be required to pass classroom training before continuing onto clinical training. There will be daily quizzes and a final competency exam on the Pre-Requisite Material and topics covered in Classroom Training. The passing standard for the class is 80%. The final grade is composed of the daily quizzes (on the Pre-Requisite Material) and the final competency.


If you have any questions, please contact your Account Manager. 



You will be wearing Navy Blue Cherokee Workwear Medical Scribes in the clinic. One set will be provided to each candidate at no cost. 

Sample sizes will be brought to Classroom Training if you need to determine your size. 

If you already know the size you would like, please email your preferred size to